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Brie de Meaux AOP Tradition briarde

Produced and ripened in the heart of the Brie area

Cheeses have their own origins, as wines do!

Brie de Meaux

Line: Soft ripened cheese made from unpasteurised cow's milk. It's a PDO product.

Milk used is daily collected in Seine et Marne and is not threated. We need 25 liters to produce one Brie de Meaux.

This raw milk cheese is moulded with a specific hovel named "pelle à Brie" in traditional iron moulds on a natural matting to further curd's spontaneous draining.

The ripening step will give to the Brie it's name. Indeed, Brie must be ripened in cellar for 4 weeks to be named "BRIE DE MEAUX PDO"

4 more weeks are necessary to obtain a full ripened cheese: it's a meticulous work done by qualified cellarmen who have been hand turning and selecting cheeses.

Diameter: 36cm

thickness: 3cm

Weight: 2.8 Kg

Total fat: 20%

Nutritional values 100gr:

Protins 15gr/ carbs 3.8gr/ fat 20gr

1092 KiloJ/ 263 Kilocal

halles of Meaux

brie de meaux

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