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Coulommiers Tradition Briarde

Produced and ripened in the heart of the Brie area

Cheeses have their own origins, as wines do!

Gold at Coulommiers awards 2009


Line:Soft ripened cheese made from unpasteurised cow's milk.

Milk used is daily collected in Seine et Marne and is not threated. We need 4,5 liters to produce it.

-It's a raw milk cheese, with a traditional way of doing-

These specifications are particulary put forward thanks to guaranted origin's milk, exclusively collected in the Brie area, traditional production and all care done during ripening.

Coulommiers's name is often tarnished because, unfortunately, it is ot protected. Market is flooded with industrial pasteurised cheeses produced in France or in foreign country.

Consumer's vigilance should be recommended.

Some advices: cheese from the original area, make from raw milk Average: 400/500gr. Typical nut taste must be present.

With these few advices you will appreciate a very old cheese awarded for the first time at the Universal Paris exposition in 1878.


Diameter: 13,5cm

thickness: 3cm

Weight: 400gr

Total fat: 20%

Nutritional values 100gr:

Protins 15gr/ carbs 3.8gr/ fat 20gr

1092 KiloJ/ 263 Kilocal


halles Coulommiers


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